Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch Review

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With the Garmin Vivoactive 4S, we are looking at a smartwatch, for which the appeal is going to be as much for its classy, stylish design, as it is for the functions which it has. It has lots of pre-loaded apps, plus you can download more to it.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch With Body Energy Monitor


When considering Garmin, the brand behind this smartwatch, it might be easier to tell you the products they do not manufacture, than those they do.

They are a huge, worldwide corporation that produces everything from sportswear to marine technology, and from sports equipment to aviation equipment such as autopilots. Diversity certainly exists at Garmin.

Their smartwatch product range is as considerable and varied as any, with a number of classic looking models as well as those which fall into the modern category.

The Garmin Vivoactive 4S smartwatch is one of which it could be argued crosses the divide with a very stylish design, coupled with loads of modern features.

It also comes in four different colors which are rose gold with white, black, light gold with light pink and silver with gray. You can also select from either 40mm or 45mm diameter face.

Who is This Product For?

The appeal of the Vivoactive 4S will be very different depending on what the priority is for each person who buys it.

The first group is going to be those who are drawn to the stunning design of this smartwatch. It is a truly classy-looking watch, which manages to be both modern, and traditional at the same time. The color options add greatly to that styling.

The next group, and likely the majority, will be those looking at the functions that the Vivoactive 4S has, and who want to use them to enhance their fitness routines, in terms of measuring and monitoring them.

Others who will love the Vivoactive 4S are those who want to be able to listen to music via their smartwatch, like the convenience of paying for goods with their smartwatch, or who want to receive texts or emails on their smartwatch.

What’s Included?

Given that watches, including smartwatches, require no assembly, there is nothing other than your Garmin Vivoactive 4s smartwatch in the box. Note that the lithium polymer battery required to power the watch is included.

Overview of Features

One of the most impressive features is the safety and tracking function. In effect, the smartwatch can detect by your movement if an incident has occurred and can send a message to your contact so that help can be sent to you.

In addition, it can also track various health functions such as your heart rate, and again should anything untoward occur, it can send that message,

If you love music, you will love the Vivoactive 4S, as it allows you to download music from any of the main music sites such as Deezer or Spotify, and you can then listen to that music via wireless headphones or earbuds.

It can alert you to email and texts, and if you have an android phone, you can reply to texts too.

For additional functionality, you can connect to Garmin’s IQ store where you will find more apps, widgets and watch faces to further enhance and personalize your smartwatch.

How to Use It

One thing to say about this smartwatch is that it uses Garmin’s proprietary operating system, so you should definitely go through the user’s manual and familiarize yourself with how to operate its functions.

It has two buttons, which are “Action” and “Back” respectively, and their names should indicate what they do. As this is a smartwatch you also have touchscreen controls too, which will be used with many of the watch’s functions.

Some of the initial steps you should focus on are pairing the watch with your smartphone, and this must be done using the “Garmin Connect” app. You’ll also want to set up wi-fi, set up music, set up “Garmin Pay,” and most importantly, set up the safety features which the watch has.

These include Live track and GPS location plus automated messaging should you have an incident, which if the watch detects, it then sends a “Help” message on your behalf.


  • Receives text and email notifications
  • Download and play music
  • Tracking and safety messaging
  • Health and heart rate monitoring
  • Stunning design


  • Wrist band needs to be longer
  • Battery life is disappointing



If you love the functionality, and the wonderful styling of the Garmin Vivoactive 4S, but want to take those to an even higher level, then you must check out the Apple Watch Series 5.

This is a smartwatch in a league of its own, with an impressive array of functions and features, plus it looks every bit the class act that it is. Just some of its notable features are checking your heart rate and rhythm, cycle and swimming trackers, music streaming and a compass.


Created and produced by a world-class company, the Garmin Vivoactive 4S, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality, and it certainly delivers on style. Whether for its design, its functions, or both, anyone buying this smartwatch, is going to own an exceptional product.

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