Polar M430 GPS Running Watch Review

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Running for some is part of a balanced lifestyle, and keeping track of the progress you’re making can be hard. Are you a casual runner wanting to take the next step in achieving your goal but don’t know what to look for?

The Polar M430 GPS running watch is ready to bring out the best in you with functions and features designed to help you take the next step. Is this the investment your fitness routine needs this year?

Polar M430 Running Watch


The ‘running watch’ part says it all. It tracks your speed, distance, pace and routes.

The functions include 24/7 activity tracking which monitors your heartrate, steps, calories, sleep and recovery time. The watch comes with all different kind of features like a running program and index to show your performance and development.

With your watch providing you guidance, even newbies to running can get the results they’re after.

Who is this Product For?

This watch is a wise consideration for runners who are dedicated and have more goals they want to accomplish. Their slogan does mention ‘chase your destiny,’ after all.

The low price makes it practical for those shopping on a budget and the great GPS system means you’re buying a multi-functional gadget.

What’s Inside the Box?

First, there are three colors to choose from: black, white, orange.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • The watch
  • Charging cable
  • Manual

You won’t find any batteries, because the Polar M430 has an internal, rechargeable battery. It can be charged and discharged over 300 times before you’ll see a decrease in performance.

An internal power source means you don’t have to carry around extra batteries or pay for them. Simply charge and go!

Overview of Features

The handiest feature is the smart coaching and that includes:

Activity Guide

Gives you the option to view how active you’ve been and what you still must do to complete your goals.

Activity Benefit

You get feedback on your activity and how it has improved your health. For example, mental well-being, muscle and bone health.

Sleep Tracking

Reports on the duration and quality of your sleep

Fitness Test With Wrist-Based Hear Rate

Safe and quick way to evaluate how well your cardiovascular system transports oxygen to your body.   

Polar Running Program

Your own personal running program designed for your fitness level. Giving you feedback on what to work on and what to cut back on. It adapts to your development.

Smart Calories

Accurate calorie counter, shows you how many calories you’ve burned.

Training Load and Recovery

Training load is feedback on the difficulty of a training session. It calculates the draining of carbohydrates and proteins during a workout.

Recovery status is a combination of your training, daily activity and testing time. It informs you of your required recovery status and helps you prevent over or under training

The Features List Also Includes


Includes altitude, descent, ascent, how much distance you’ve covered and speed or pace information.

Heart Rate Zones

Minimum and maximum heart rate when training short and intense or low and light.

Speed Zones

Monitor speed or pace during training and adjust it to reach the training goal.

Smart Notifications

Receive notifications from your phone

The Polar Flow App Includes

Training Data

Get a summary of your training and performance. You can also create training targets like a quick or phrased target.

Activity Data

Gives details of your 24/7 activity for example how to reach your daily goal, steps and distance covered.

Image Sharing

Share images of your training data or share a snapshot of your training route with friends or for future reference.

The app is available on App Store or Google Play.

How to Get the Most from Your Device

Simply get connected to the Polar ecosystem by getting The Polar Flow app. When you sync your M430 with the Polar Flow app you get feedback on your performance and training results immediately.


  • Accurate GPS
  • Clear display
  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • Good battery life
  • Indoor running metrics
  • Waterproof


  • Not an ‘always on’ display
  • Not the most comfortable
  • Track routes go off-course



The Polar M430 GPS running watch is all you need to accomplish your goals, but perhaps you’re looking for something different? The Garmin Forerunner 630 is designed as a fashion accessory so it’s ideal if you want a less sporty and more stylish look.

The watch has fun features like:

  • Stopwatch timer
  • GPS status
  • Heart rate status
  • Speed and cadence status
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi status


Making a decision when spending money on gadgets can sometimes be difficult but the Polar M430 GPS running watch is a smart investment.

It’s affordable and the accuracy of the watch functions is impressive. You can get the most out of your training when you have the right resources. Will you give it a try?

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