Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Machine Review

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If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is essential that you monitor your condition and track your pressure levels to ensure they are in check. Nowadays, you can do this from the comfort of your home thanks to the Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Machine.

With it, you no longer need to worry about keeping records of your readings as the Beurer BM55 monitors blood pressure and records the information with the help of Beurer HealthManager. You can also share these records with your doctor to give them a better idea of how you’ve been faring. Here are more in-depth details about this blood pressure machine.

Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Machine

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Beurer is an upper arm blood pressure monitoring device with a patented resting indicator. Extras like its touch-sensitive buttons and XL white illuminated display make it stand out from the competition while guaranteeing accurate and precise blood pressure readings. In addition, it has a USB cable and PC interface that allows you to quickly and conveniently transfer your readings to a PC. This feature is managed through Beurer HealthManager, which is free software.

Who Is This Product For?

The Beurer blood pressure machine is excellent for patients with high blood pressure. It can help them monitor their condition easily and quickly from the comfort of their home. In addition, it can be an ideal device for anyone who wants to keep track of their blood pressure even if they don’t suffer from the condition.

Diet and lifestyle habits like excessive salt, failure to exercise, and being overweight, can cause high blood pressure. So it helps to check your blood pressure regularly to ensure you know of any abnormal spike in the readings.

If significant recurrent symptoms like severe headache and dizziness start to show up, you can use this device to gauge your blood pressure levels. In addition, the Beurer BM55 features a function that identifies irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrhythmia) and notifies you.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this product, you get the following:

  • 1 monitor
  • A universal cuff
  • An instruction manual
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 storage case

Overview of Features

With the Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Monitor, you get an extra large screen with an easy-to-read display. The device can be used by two people and can store 60 readings. It is medical-grade and taking measurements requires simply pressing the start button. The BM55 is designed as a home monitor and therefore has two users’ capacity and space for 60 memories for each user.

The extra large LCD screen displays actual measurements through an illuminated backlit display (white), meaning you will not need reading glasses with this display. It also shows the date and time.

It is available with a rest monitor (patented) to inform you whether or not you are calm enough for accurate bp readings. This helps do away with guesswork and offers you a clearer picture of your bp patterns. They will also give you an improper usage notification if something is amiss.

Also available with the device is an extra large cuff to fit arms of circumferences between 8.7 and 16.5 inches and a flexible band with a gentle inflation design. On its side is a helpful color scale on display to let you instantly know if the BP is too high.

Portability and comfort are added advantages of this pressure monitor. It has an automatic universal blood pressure cuff with an included storage facility for the bp cuffs, keeping them and the machine organized.

You also get the necessary batteries to ensure that you can instantly start using the device. Unfortunately, the monitor does not have a plug-in option or intelligent device connection. Nonetheless, it is effortless to use, with an automatic option that gives reliable results. There’s also an improper usage indicator to notify you when you are not using it correctly to guarantee accuracy in all your blood pressure readings.

How to Use It

The Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Monitor’s design is tailored to offer ease of use and comfort as you monitor your critical health parameters. It monitors low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and hypertension patients’ vitals, among other health concerns.

The unit has a detailed instruction manual that makes it pretty straightforward. After unboxing, insert the batteries and then long-press the Start/Stop button for five seconds to select the time format. Use M1 and M2 to set the time.

To take your blood pressure reading, sit or lie comfortably and position the cuff 2-3 cm above the elbow. Wear the cuff and ensure the line points toward the center of your palm. Press Start/Stop, and the machine will display your systolic and diastolic pressure. Press M1 or M2 to store the data in User 1 or User 2 memory. You can check out this video to see the device in action.


  • Included USB cable/PC interface
  • Illuminated start and stop button
  • It gives an average of all measured, saved values
  • Accommodates two users
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Weekly morning and evening blood pressure average


  • Lacks battery level indicator


OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Omron 7 Series is an upper arm blood pressure monitoring device for two users that wraps easily and comfortably to fit large and medium-sized arms. It has enhanced accuracy with a push-to-start button for precise digital blood pressure readings and can detect irregular heartbeats.

This unit stores more data than the Beurer BM55 and keeps up to 100 readings per user, including time and date stamps. It can accommodate two users. It can automatically display the last three readings average in 10 minutes thanks to its advanced averaging characteristic. Lastly, it’s compatible with Alexa and comes with a six-year warranty.


The Beurer BM55 provides the convenience of at-home blood pressure measurement without worrying if the pressure is correctly set. Thanks to the automatic pressure deflation and pre-selection feature, the pressure setting is automatically done for you.

This device helps ease your worries and helps you stay informed of your vitals wherever you go. The unit has been ranked highly among the leading pressure monitors of the year by the German Pharmacy Association. So rest assured, you are getting nothing but the best of blood pressure monitors.

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