TicWatch S2 Waterproof Smartwatch With Heart Rate Monitor Review

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When it comes to the branding of smartwatches there can’t be many that are more appropriate than Ticwatch, and it is not just its name which appeals. The Ticwatch S2’s styling is excellent, and the features are highly desirable, especially those relating to health and fitness.

TicWatch S2 Waterproof Smartwatch With Heart Rate Monitor


The Ticwatch brand is one which is owned by huge corporation called Mobvoi, who have grown exponentially since they were founded in 2012. They have partnered with Google on voice search technology, and also have Volkswagen as another of their partners.

As for the Ticwatch, it first appeared in 2016 and had worldwide sales in over 1250 countries. In 2018 the Ticwatch C2 was launched, and a year later saw the appearance of the watch we are reviewing, the Ticwatch S2.

It comes in two colors, namely Glacier and Midnight, which are descriptive names for white and black.

Who is This Product For?

The appeal of the Ticwatch S2 is going to be a wide one, given the vast number of uses and apps that it can be used with.

There are some more practical features which will make it desirable. For example, it is waterproof down to 50 meters, therefore those who love swimming, diving, and other water sports, are going to love it.

Those for whom sports and fitness activities on dry land are their passion will love the fact that the S2 can measure and track fitness data accurately. That includes heart rate monitoring, a calorie counter, a steps counter, and its compatibility with fitness apps.

Gadget lovers will also be drawn to this smartwatch, as it basically gives them a mini-computer on their wrist.

Finally, we have lovers of style and fashion, who are going to be wowed by the fact that you can personalize the display with over 1,000 different watch faces and change the strap to suit them.

What’s Included?

Not much to report here, except that you will receive the Ticwatch S2 in its box when your delivery arrives.

Overview of Features

The Ticwatch S2 has been certified to have US military-grade durability, which given that it is likely to be used a lot outdoors, should reassure you that it is up to the task.

Those outdoor activities will doubtless include running and swimming for many, and the S2 is an ideal companion for both. Not only can it be worn to 50 meters underwater, but it can also count steps and calories, monitor your heart rate, and is also compatible with fitness apps such as Strava and Google Fit.

You can also install any and all of your favorite Google apps to the S2, which gives you an almost unlimited array of additional functions. This also includes Google Voice.

For those who want to make their S2 “their own,” there are 1,000s of watch faces which you can use, and you can also change the strap, so everything is coordinated.

How to Use It

With a product like a smartwatch, it is going to be impossible to cover every function, and as such the best advice we can give is to follow the user guide when you receive your watch and those for any apps which you use it with.

In terms of some basic first steps, you will want to pair your Ticwatch S2 with your smartphone. For iPhones, you need iOS version 10 or above, and for Android phones you need version 4.4 or above. The user guide has a number of links to videos that can help you with these, plus the setting up of Bluetooth connections and Google Assistant.

As for all the other functions, such as heart rate monitoring, changing watch faces, and using it with Spotify, the S2’s user manual is once again the place to go to find out how to set them up.

Should you ever need to, there is a factory reset function which is on the watch’s menu.


  • Thousands of watch face options
  • Health and fitness assistant
  • Usable to 50 meters underwater
  • Built-in GPS
  • Touchscreen operation


  • Occasionally misses steps
  • Battery life is disappointing


Cost is always a consideration when buying products, and if you’d to see a smartwatch option that has a lower price ticket than the Ticwatch S2, then take a look at this Letsfit Smart Watch.

It is about a third of the price, but it still has plenty of functions, especially those relating to health and fitness. It monitors heart rate, has a fitness tracker, a swimming tracker, and a blood oxygen monitor to name but four.


Anyone who wants a smartwatch that combines customization with awesome functionality is going to really love the Ticwatch S2. Its functions relating to health and fitness, such as the heart rate monitor, add to its already impressive list of great features.

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