Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Review

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A heart rate monitor can benefit your workouts and help keep track of your overall progress. To obtain your workout goals, you need a reliable device that can provide you with all the information you need, and it should fit comfortably.

We have found a heart rate monitor chest strap that fits comfortably around your chest, so your hands are free. The Polar H10 heart rate monitor chest strap has many great features to make your sessions much easier.

Read on and find out how this device will help improve your fitness and any other type of workout training sessions.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Review

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The Polar H10 can be used with all Polar products and other brands of watches that use Bluetooth to transfer data. You can pair the H10 monitor with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, which is compatible with the ANT+ connectivity option.

The device offers incredibly accurate heart rate readings, which aid in helping you keep track of your progress all the time you have it on. The interference prevention electrodes in the strap give you uninterrupted output and will switch off when you disconnect it.

The device has a waterproof feature with a depth of up to 30 m water resistance. With up to 400 hours of battery life, you can keep training and store your sessions on internal storage memory.

Constructed using soft and durable materials, the strap fits snugly and comfortably around the chest with easy adjustment options and stretching capabilities. It is available in two sizes of 56 – 68 cm and 67 – 85 cm and in different colors.

Even though the strap is made from stretchable fabric, it is a bit too small for larger chest sizes and will fit too tight.

It also comes with quite a steep price tag that can put it out of reach of those working with a tight budget.

Who Is this Product for?

Anyone who needs to keep track of their heart rate while busy with their training program will benefit from this device. Whether you are a track athlete or participating in watersports, this device will help to improve your overall performance.

Joggers who love to run outdoors can keep track of their progress on the go. Rowers and other athletes who need both hands free can easily use this device by strapping it around their torso.

Even if you just want to jog on the treadmill at home to stay fit, this device will help you achieve your goal.

What Is Included?

Included with the device is the soft fabric strap that comes around your chest for a comfortable fit. The strap also has the electrodes that need to be in contact with your skin firmly attached to it.

There is also the heart rate monitor itself that is firmly packed, securing it from accidental damage when transported. You will find that there is a battery included in the device, so you can simply get it started to save time and effort.

You also get the user’s manual and a quick setup manual in the package to make it easy to use this device.

Overview Of Features

  • It is compatible with all Polar watches and trackers that use Bluetooth
  • Can pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity options for versatility
  • Compatible with most fitness equipment
  • Has very accurate heart rate readings
  • Built-in interference prevention for uninterrupted readouts
  • Automatic switch-off when you disconnect it
  • Up to 30-meter water-resistant feature
  • Very long battery life
  • Internal storage memory to store training sessions
  • Strong and improved chest strap design for better comfort

How To Use It

Using and setting up this heart rate monitor from Polar won’t require a steep learning curve, making it an easy device.

  • Unpack everything from the box.
  • Remove the heart rate device from the carton and peel the protective plastic from the display.
  • Attach the device to the chest strap.
  • Apply some water to the area of the electrodes at the back of the strap.
  • Fasten the strap around your chest and adjust it for a comfortable fitting.
  • Open the Polar Beat app and register as a new user, then sign in with your Polar account.
  • The app can be used without signing in.
  • As soon as you are signed in, your training detail will sync with the Polar Flow web service.
  • Pair the H10 device with the Polar Beat app on your phone.
  • Select the training view and wait until your heart rate is shown inside the blue circle.
  • Choose to save “HR with sensor” in the upper right corner of the training view.
  • Select a profile and tap to activate.

These are the steps to get you started using your device. To keep track of your progress, see this YouTube video for complete functionality.


  • This device comes with a waterproof feature
  • It features a comfortable strap made from soft materials
  • Can be used in standalone mode
  • It has a strong and durable construction
  • Easy to set it up and operate the device


  • Not suitable for larger chest sizes
  • Comes with a high price tag attached


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If you can’t get hold of the Polar H10, you can also go for the Power Labs Heart rate monitor chest strap. It includes many great features, such as ANT+, easy Bluetooth pairing, and up to six months of battery life.

It is available at a very affordable price to place it firmly inside the reach of those working with a tight budget. The soft stretchable strap makes it appropriate for a wide range of chest sizes for a very comfortable fit.

This device also has a waterproof feature, so it will be protected against sweat and other fluids.


This easy-to-use heart rate monitor chest strap from Polar is ideal for being used by all types of professional and amateur athletes. It comes loaded with all the right features to make it a comfortable and convenient choice to help improve your training sessions.

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