HealthSmart Digital Premium Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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This wrist blood pressure monitor from HealthSmart, is one that looks extremely modern, and it has many more features than the vast majority of other similar products. Its size is also going to appeal to those who like their gadgets to be small.

HealthSmart Digital Premium Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


While many health products that might be classed as ‘gadgets’ seem to be made by companies only a few years old, HealthSmart’s experience goes back over 65 years, so they obviously have a great track record of making this type of product.

They produce a whole range of products related to the medical niche, including stethoscopes, mobility aids, respiratory products and first aid equipment.

They also have one of the largest ranges of blood pressure monitors we have seen, and that includes those used within doctor’s offices and other medical facilities.

This particular product is one of six which they make within the ‘personal’ category, and as well as the premium version which we are reviewing here, there is also a standard version.

Who is This Product For?

Although it might seem unusual to talk about the aesthetics of a medical product, there will be those who are drawn to this blood pressure monitor due to its small, square shape, its curved edges, and the fact that its black fascia and cuff, make it look extremely modern.

As for its appeal in terms of what it can do, anyone who needs to monitor their blood pressure regularly for medical reasons will find this very effective, and they’ll also like the ease of use.

In addition, those who simply like to keep on top of their health and well-being will be drawn to this as it lets them monitor their blood pressure in a simple, and convenient way.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this HealthSmart  wrist blood pressure monitor you can expect the following items to arrive in the box: 1 x blood pressure monitor, 1 x 5 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches wrist cuff, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x AC adapter, 4 x AA batteries and 1 x quick start guide.

Overview of Features

One of the biggest appeals of this blood pressure monitor is going to be its styling. Not only does it look like an extremely modern device, its small compact shape means it does not feel in any way obtrusive when being worn on your wrist.

The basic function is easy with just one-touch needed to start the device, although some of the more advanced settings may take time for users to get used to, so reading the instructions is definitely advised.

The display has large digits so there should be no issue with reading the data. That data will include your blood pressure readings as well as your pulse.

There is also the date and time on the display, a calendar, and everything is made even easier to see, thanks to the backlit LCD screen.

Dual users can each use the device, and it will store no fewer than 120 readings. It will also give you a three-day average of blood pressure readings for each person.

How to Use It

Before you even put the cuff around your wrist, there are a few preliminary checks to ensure that you get the most accurate reading.

They are to not have a hot drink within the 30 minutes prior to you switching the device on to monitor, and that 30-minute buffer also includes having a hot bath or shower and taking any exercise.

Assuming you have followed that advice, place the monitor’s cuff around your wrist, with the unit on the inside, facing towards you.

Now it is basically a one-touch process as you press the middle button will activate the blood pressure monitor.

Your reading will be displayed and there will also be an arrow pointing to the ‘traffic light’ indicator which shows whether your blood pressure should be considered normal, or high.


  • Two-user monitor
  • Memory stores 120 readings
  • Last 3 readings average
  • Pulse/heartbeat readings
  • Very stylish and modern design


  • Programming settings is not easy
  • Battery compartment cover is easily broken


If you want a blood pressure monitor that could be considered as equally stylish, which also offers you even greater value for money, then the Beurer BC81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is one you should take a look at.

Its brushed grey metallic finish, along with its ultra-thin design, gives it an appearance akin to a small smartphone, which is  visually appealing, and also adds a modern look too.

Apart from great looks it also has excellent features which include dual users, an adjustable cuff, irregular heartbeat detection, and a large digit display.


This HealthSmart device may not be the cheapest wrist blood monitor, but it must be one of the most visually appealing.

Couple that along with some excellent features, makes this one of the most desirable and popular products of its type.

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